What You Can Do

Update: Scott was released on Friday, July 29th, so he no longer needs support in the ways listed below. But there are plenty of other political prisoners in need of support, so please be there for them!
Since you asked… there are a number of ways you can support Scott.

Write Scott!
While he’s in prison, we encourage you to write Scott letters at:

Scott DeMuth, Register # 11246-030
FCI Milan
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1000
Milan, MI 48160

If you would like to send a letter, use the address and register number above. You must include a return address on the envelope. Remember that all letters are opened and inspected – your letter will be read by prison officials, so be smart about what you say.

Send books!
Scott put together a shiny new book list, and we put it up here: https://davenportgrandjury.wordpress.com/book-list/

Books must be sent through the US Postal Service. New books can be sent directly from the publisher or an online bookstore. Scott can also get used paperback books and magazines at his new place! To send a used book or magazine, enclose it in a manila envelope marked “Prison Approved Material: 1 book” (or whatever is enclosed).

Books and magazine subscriptions must be addressed using Scott’s full information above, including the inmate number. The Bureau of Prisons website notes that publications should not be “detrimental to the security, discipline, or good order of the institution, or facilitate criminal activity.” And you know how important all of that is!

While Scott is inside, he needs folks out here to help cover his commissary and related incarceration costs. Your contributions will help him pay for phone calls, stamps and various other things to ease his time in prison, like gas for family and friends to go visit him.
We also encourage supporters to organize fundraisers where they live. If you’d like us to send you literature and/or help promote a fundraiser for Scott’s support fund, email us at scottandcarrie(a)riseup.net and let us know.
Spread the word!
The simple act of talking to your friends and family about state repression is powerful. Tell them about grand juries, about the AETA, about the routine prosecution and incarceration of people for their political activities. Help us create and disseminate information about Carrie and Scott’s case, and about general State repression.

Prosecutors love it when grand juries function in their shadowy secretive lairs and no one knows about it except their quivering targets. Fat chance! Much like vampires shriveling up in the light of day, grand juries have been canceled in the past when the harsh light of public outcry has been cast upon them.  Any time you hear about grand juries happening, tell people about it! And even if one isn’t happening, tell people about what they are and what they do. Most people have no idea about how they work, and they ways in which they are used to violate our rights and freedoms.

Resist grand juries!
As Carrie said, grand juries only work when we are frightened, complicit, and divided. So don’t be! When the subpoena shows up at your door, put a sabot in the cogs of their repressive system and stand up for what you believe. Don’t let them frighten you, you have an amazing community of support and resistance at your back.

One of the most meaningful ways to support targets of state repression is to continue organizing and fighting exploitation and oppression.

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