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Scott’s Been Released!

We’re excited to let you all know that Scott was released earlier today and is on a bus heading back home to Minneapolis! His prison sentence is now complete and he’s excited to be coming home. While he still has a year of supervised release ahead of him, he’ll once again be with his family, friends, comrades, and loved ones here in the Twin Cities.

We’d also like to thank all of you for the tremendous amount of support you’ve shown him and Carrie Feldman from the beginning of this ordeal, when Carrie was subpoenaed to the grand jury in Davenport, IA in late 2009. Since then, you’ve supported both Carrie and Scott while they were in jail or prison, helped us raise the much-needed funds for their legal defenses, helped spread the word about their cases and other Green Scare cases, and shown the power of our solidarity in the face of state repression.

Scott no longer needs the same kinds of support he needed while he was in prison, but there are plenty of other political prisoners and prisoners of war who need our support. We encourage everyone to reach out to other prisoners to help them through their ordeals. If you’re around the Twin Cities this weekend, we also invite you to a welcome-home gathering for Scott:

When: Sunday, Aug. 31st, 2pm-??
Where: Lake Calhoun, south beach
What: Swimming, potluck, fun!

If you’re not in the area and would like to send Scott some letters of support for his transition back home, you can send them to:

Scott DeMuth
c/o Coldsnap Legal Collective
P.O. Box 50514
Mpls, MN 55405

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Scott Lands in Michigan, Ready for Mail

May 12 – Scott DeMuth has been moved yet again, to the minimum security federal prison in Milan, MI. We think this is likely to be where he’ll be for a while, possibly until his projected release date of July 30. Please send him some mail; he could use the support, especially after all of this being moved around! If you wrote him a letter at one of his previous locations and it got sent back to you, feel free to resend it or just send him a new one.

His new address for letters, books and magazine subscriptions is:

Scott DeMuth, Register #11246-030
FCI Milan
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1000
Milan, MI 48160

If you would like to send a letter, use the address and register number above. You must include a return address on the envelope. Remember that all letters are opened and inspected – your letter will be read by prison officials, so be smart about what you say.

Books must be sent through the US Postal Service. New books can be sent directly from the publisher or an online bookstore. Scott can also get used paperback books and magazines at his new place! To send a used book or magazine, enclose it in a manila envelope marked “Prison Approved Material: 1 book” (or whatever is enclosed).

Scott put together a shiny new book list, and we put it up here:

Books and magazine subscriptions must be addressed using Scott’s full information above, including the inmate number. The Bureau of Prisons website notes that publications should not be “detrimental to the security, discipline, or good order of the institution, or facilitate criminal activity.” And you know how important all of that is!

Thanks for all of your support, everybody. We and Scott appreciate it so!

In solidarity,
the Scott and Carrie Support Committee (SCSC)

For more background on Scott and his case, visit

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Scott moved again, on his way to somewhere else

We just got word that Scott’s been moved to a county jail in Oklahoma–for the moment.

They dragged him out of bed at 5:30 this morning (May 5), stuck him on a plane and flew him down there. They say he should be there anywhere from a day to three weeks, on his way to a minimum security facility in Michigan.

His new address is:

Scott DeMuth Reg # 11246-030
Grady County Detention Center
215 N 3rd St
Chickasha, OK 73018

It would be great if people could write to him soon, since he won’t have access to anything to read for a little while. At least for now, he doesn’t want any books sent his way as he doesn’t think he’ll have time to read them.

While he is allowed commissary, he’s not allowed to access it–any commissary he had in his account should transfer when he gets to the prison, but in the meantime, his mother will be purchasing his commissary items for him online.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support, and keep your eyes out for further updates! We will put out his new address and any other news just as soon as we know it.

In solidarity,
Scott and Carrie Support Committee

Posted by: midwestgreenscare | March 21, 2011

Scott got moved; new mailing address

Scott has been moved to a transitional facility in Leavenworth, Kansas. This is apparently a private facility and not connected to the Prisons at Leavenworth; those facilities have no record of him at this time. He is likely to be moved at least one more time before the end of his term; please update your mailing addresses accordingly, resend any mail that was recently sent and returned, and keep an eye out for further updates from us.

Scott’s new mailing address is as follows:

Scott DeMuth #11246-030
c/o Leavenworth Detention Center
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, KS 66048

At his new prison, he’s in complete lockdown for 22 hours a day. Every other day he gets let out of the cell for meals. He does have a cellmate, who he describes as a good guy, but his wheelchair takes up most of the space so there’s not really any room to stretch or work out. There is, however, a window in his cell, which he’s extremely happy about.

And unlike the last place he was in, he can get books and pictures! Read the mailing regulations for details:

“Envelopes with mail must include the inmate’s name and federal register number. Those without a number will be returned to sender. Inmates may receive photographs, but they must not show any nudity, penetration, crime, gang signs, drugs or drug usage. Stamps, blank paper, envelopes, blank cards, self-addressed stamped envelopes, calling cards, credit cards, stickers of any kind, cards with sound and fake cash are not accepted and should not be mailed in. All publications must be sent directly from a nationally recognized publisher or book store. Receipts must accompany all books/magazines mailed into the facility. No used books/magazines will be allowed. No more than three books and/or magazines may be received in any one shipment. These rules are meant to be representative, not all-encompassing. For more specific information, you may call (913) 680-6860, (913) 727-3246 or (913) 680-6804.”

Thanks so much for all of your support so far, and please keep it coming!

In solidarity,
the Scott and Carrie Support Committee

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Update on Scott and why he needs a letter from you!

We were able to hear from Scott earlier this evening and have some updates on his situation to share with you. After he was booked last night, he was put into a holding cell with 12 other people but only 2 beds. He was stuck there until about 6pm today, when he was finally moved to a temporary housing unit. Now he’s sharing a cell area with about 4 other people and has his own bed.

He doesn’t think he’ll be able to go to the library because he’s in a temporary housing unit. He also doesn’t think he’ll be able to access his commissary account until Tuesday, Feb. 22 to buy paper, pens and envelopes.

Since we can’t send him books and he can’t go to the library, our letters are especially important. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to write him a note of support. You can send letters to him at:

Scott DeMuth
Polk County Jail
1985 – NE 51st Place
Des Moines, IA 50313-2517

Remember the mail restrictions: All mail must have the sender’s full name and return address on the envelope (no PO Boxes) or it will get rejected. No books, periodicals or packages are allowed.

Since Scott is only allowed 5 photos, please do not send him any. His family will be sending him some soon.

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Scott’s (temporary) mailing address

We’ve heard from Scott, who is currently in the Polk County Jail, a facility often used in Iowa for federal inmates awaiting transfer to whatever prison they’re going to go to. He’s going to get moved, although we’re not sure yet where or when. We will be sending updates as we get them. Read More…

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Scott sentenced to six months, taken into custody today

Monday, February 14, 2011

This afternoon, family, friends and supporters gathered to show support for Scott DeMuth as he was sentenced in federal court in Davenport, Iowa. Scott was sentenced to six months imprisonment, and taken immediately into custody. We will be posting information on how to send him mail as soon as his location is confirmed.

Scott pleaded guilty in September to conspiracy to commit animal enterprise terrorism in violation of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act–a misdemeanor–for an animal liberation that took place in Minnesota in 2006. Read More…

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Scott’s sentencing postponed AGAIN

Yep, Scott’s sentencing (originally scheduled for December 15th) has been postponed for a third time. He is currently set to appear in court for his sentencing on February 14th, in Davenport, IA. We’ll keep y’all posted about any changes.

Posted by: supportcarrie | December 30, 2010

Scott’s sentencing postponed again

Scott DeMuth’s pre-sentencing hearing, which had been scheduled for December 29 after getting postponed once already, got  canceled today because of bureaucratic issues in the court system. His actual sentencing is now scheduled for January 14th in Iowa. Read More…

Striking Blows in Defense of the Earth: An Evening with Jeffrey “Free” Luers and Leslie James Pickering
*Saturday, December 11, 2010
*5pm, Social Science Building 1114
*childcare provided

Read More…

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