Books Received by Carrie

Books received by Carrie as of 12/28/09 (we’ll be updating this as she updates us):

The Language of Mathematics – Keith Devlin
The Trial – Franz Kafka
The Spirit Ring – Lois McMaster Bujold
Bone (collection of comics)
My Best Math and Logic Puzzles – Martin Gardner
The Wizard of Earthsea (1st book) – Ursula LeGuin
Assata – Assata Shakur
The Yiddish Policemen’s Union – Michael Chabon
Watership Down – Richard Adams
Algebra and Trigonometry for Calculus
The Calculus Lifesaver – Adrian Banner
Red Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
Dune & Dune Messiah – Frank Herbert
Perdido Street Station – China Mieville
Walk to the End of World – Suzy McKee Charnas
Cryptonomicon – Neal Stephenson
Neuromancer – William Gibson
The Maltese Falcon – Dashiell Hammett
The Del Rey Book of Sci-fi and Fantasy
Heart of the Comet – Gregory Benford
The Dispossessed – Ursula LeGuin
The Time Machine & The Invisible Man – H.G. Wells
The October Country – Ray Bradbury
The Machineries of Joy – Ray Bradbury
American Lion – Jon Meacham
A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson
Seed to Harvest – Octavia Butler
Dhalgren – Samuel R. Delany
The Cassini Division – Ken MacLeod
Legends (collection)
The Telling – Ursula LeGuin
13 Things that Don’t Make Sense – Michael Brooks
Chaos: Making a New Science – James Gleick
Woman on the Edge of Time – Marge Piercy
Yoga for Women – Shakta Kaur Khalsa
“a book about pilates”

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