Press Coverage

02/26/10: “TCDP’s Sheila Regan gets court records opened” (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

02/21/10: “Stuck 3 months in Iowa jail for refusal to testify” (Mpls Star Tribune)

01/29/10: “Civil Liberties Monitors Charge That Federal Prosecutor Is On Personal Crusade Against Anarchist Ideology” (Civil Liberties Defense Center)

01/26/10: “The Secret Case against Carrie Feldman” (Twin Cities Daily Planet)

11/10/09: “Second subpoena issued for Iowa grand jury” (Twin Cities Indymedia)

11/09/09: “Grand Juries and the Green Scare” (Our World in Depth)

10/26/09: “Woman says she is target of animal-rights vandalism investigation” (Quad City Times)

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