12/7/09: Hearing Scheduled on the Release of Grand Jury Resister Carrie Feldman


December 7, 2009


Contact: Grand Jury Resistance Project (Kris Hermes), 510-681-6361 Earth Warriors are OK! (EWOK!) hotline (Natalia Shulkin), 612-293-9657, ewok@riseup.net

Hearing Scheduled on the Release of Grand Jury Resister Carrie Feldman

Expiration of statute of limitations brings doubts about the legality of her detention

Davenport, IA — A hearing is scheduled on Tuesday, December 8, regarding the detention of grand jury resister Carrie Feldman. Feldman has been incarcerated for three weeks for refusing to testify before a grand jury on moral grounds. She was found to be in civil contempt of court on November 17th and could be held for the remainder of the grand jury, another 10 months. National Lawyers’ Guild attorney Bruce Nestor, filed a motion arguing for her release last week, pointing out that the statute of limitations for the incident believed to be the subject of the grand jury’s inquiry expired in November. Though the U.S. District Attorney’s office refuses to comment, the grand jury appears to be investigating a 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid on a University of Iowa research facility. “Carrie is being held even though her testimony would be of no value at this point,” said Thomas Addo of Earth Warriors are OK! “Her detention is clearly punitive and, hence, illegal. We’re hopeful that the judge will see this for what it is–a politically-motivated attempt to interfere with the life of a young activist and her community.”

What: Hearing on release of grand jury resister Carrie Feldman

When: Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 11:00 a.m.

Where: U.S. District Court, 131 E. Fourth St., Davenport, Iowa

Last week, District Court Judge John Jarvey ordered the release of Scott DeMuth, recently indicted for conspiracy under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA), pending his trial. DeMuth was originally subpoeaned to appear before the same grand jury as Feldman, and also refused to testify. As with Feldman, the court offered DeMuth immunity in exchange for his testimony, calling into question the strength of the evidence used to indict him days later. Further suggesting a political motivation for the prosecutorial actions taken against both activists, Assistant District Attorney Clifford Cronk cited DeMuth’s political beliefs and associations repeatedly as reason to deny his release.


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