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Cronk’s Having Problems, Feds Harassing David Pellow and National Day of Solidarity for Scott DeMuth

1. Cronk seems to be having some problems
2. Feds ask the University of Minnesota for David Pellow’s research materials
3. National Day of Solidarity for Scott is approaching!
4. July 23: Potluck in the park to support Scott, Minneapolis


1. Cronk seems to be having some problems

Assistant U.S. Attorney Clifford R. Cronk III seems to be having some problems. Back on June 14, Judge Thomas J. Shields ordered him to provide the evidence from the second superseding indictment against Scott DeMuth that he hadn’t already coughed up. Shields also ordered him to provide a number of particulars about the indictment, including exactly what Scott is alleged to have done that is illegal, whom he is alleged to have done it with, and when he is alleged to have done it. You know, basics like that. Cronk had until June 21 to hand over that info.

Alas, the 21st came and went with nary a peep from Cronk. All he could muster was a request for an extension because he was livin’ it up somewhere on vacation. Seemingly ignoring the fact that Cronk should have had all that info nicely tucked away into a file before he ever indicted Scott, Judge Shields granted an extension until June 28 for the additional evidence and until June 30 for the list of particulars.

After waiting with bated breath for a week (no small task, ya know), Cronk let us down once again. He filed a response, alright, but all seven pages could be summed up in one sentence: “We don’t have to tell you shit.” Then the 30th came along and he filed a sealed response so that not even Scott can know what Cronk is telling the court about his case.

All we want is to know what he’s alleging against our friend! Is that so wrong?

Now, some would say that Cronk doesn’t have a case at all. That’s he’s dragging his feet cuz he knows he ain’t got shit on Scott. They may be right. But we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and see if there’s anything we can do to help.

Stereotypes about anarchists not knowing how to be organized aside, we know some bad ass anarchist legal workers who could help him organize his files and manage his time so he can make his deadlines and not fall afoul of the judges. They can show him how to copy and paste from one file to another to maximize his efficiency, how to use sticky notes of different colors to sort through his piles of paperwork, how to create a database of documents to make retrieving them easier, anything he wants.

So whaddaya say, Cronk? Can we get our friends out to Davenport to do a skillshare for you? (Those are free, FYI. Anarchists are all about mutual aid.)

If not, stop wasting our time and drop the charges already.

2. Feds ask the University of Minnesota for David Pellow’s research materials

From David Pellow, Scott’s academic advisor:

“Just a heads up. On Friday, June 18, 2010, the Department of Justice asked the University of Minnesota’s Human Research Protection Program for a copy of all human subject’s materials related to my research project on environmental/animal rights activists. This includes my interview questionnaire and rationale for conducting research on this topic, and various university forms that would ensure the protection of my research participants. The university has informed me that they will comply with the request and send the information on Thursday. The letter was sent by U.S. Attorneys Cronk and Klinefeldt, who are pursuing my advisee and research collaborator Scott DeMuth with charges that he allegedly violated the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (associated with Animal Liberation Front actions in 2005 and 2006, for more information see

“The DOJ letter reads in part: ‘The information we are requesting includes, but is not limited to, the study file, the application for the research project, along with documentation to support the plan, and the names of the participants in the project.’ That last part about participants isworrisome, but only I possess that information and I have pledged to hold it in confidence (as required by my professional association’s code of ethics). Since the University of Minnesota is a public institution, much of what is contained in the file is basically public information. However, the university informed me that they will delete the names of students/employees working with me on the project, so that privacy will be preserved. As Scott DeMuth has been working on the project with me since earlier this year, it appears that this is a continuation of ongoing efforts to explore possible connections between Scott and any activists that we may or may not have interviewed for this study. If there are more updates in the future, I will keep you posted.”

3. National Day of Solidarity for Scott is approaching!

Don’t forget about the National Day of Solidarity for Scott DeMuth on Friday, July 23! Here are the deets:

* When: Friday, July 23rd
* Where: Your town

Show solidarity with Scott as he prepares for trial in September. Host a fundraiser…a concert, a house party, a movie screening, a brunch, a play. Do something creative…street theater, a puppet show, an art auction. Stage a rally. Convene a panel of speakers. Whatever you want.
Anything you can do to raise awareness of Scott’s case and to help us raise money for his legal defense will be amazing and ever so greatly appreciated.

Email us at scottandcarrie[at]riseup[dot]net to let us know what you have planned!

4. July 23: Potluck in the park to support Scott, Minneapolis

Know how seriously we take the National Day of Solidarity for Scott? Seriously enough to have a picnic in the park with good food, fun games, and great company! Who says taking things seriously has to be serious?

If you’re in town, join in on the fun! And don’t miss the official Conspiracy Tour ( kickoff event! Be among the first to join the Conspiracy!

* When: Friday, July 23rd, 5-7pm for food and games; 7pm for the Conspiracy Tour kickoff event
* Where: Powderhorn Park (near the stage), Minneapolis

If you’re able, please bring a dish to share. We’ll make sure to have some vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available, but bring what you need with some to spare if you can. Donations are appreciated for Scott’s legal defense fund.

With love,
The Scott & Carrie Support Committee (SCSC)



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