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Dinner tomorrow! and other upcoming events

In this update:
1. Dinner for Scott tomorrow!
2. 06/06: Ssshh! Secret Café to benefit SCSC
3. 06/24: Prison Justice PMA at the US Social Forum
4. 07/23: Day of Solidarity w/ Scott DeMuth
5. 07/25-08/25: Midwest Conspiracy Tour!

1. Dinner for Scott tomorrow!
* When: Tuesday, May 25th, 6:30pm
* Where: PPNA Building, 821 E. 35th St., Minneapolis
It’s time for a pizza dinner! SCSC members will be hosting a delicious pizza dinner (vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available) to raise funds, awareness, and full belly feelings to support Scott. All donations will go to the legal defense fund.

2. 06/06: Ssshh! Secret Café to benefit SCSC
* When: Sunday, June 6, 10am-2pm
* Where: Somewhere in Mpls! Ask yer friends…
Word on the street is that a scrumptious brunch will be served on Sunday, June 6th. Pancakes, waffles, tofu scramble, bloody marys, mimosas, coffee, tea, various kinds of bread, live music could all be there waiting for you, but you didn’t hear that from us. All donations will go to the legal defense fund.

3. 06/24: Prison Justice PMA at the US Social Forum
SCSC is co-sponsoring a People’s Movement Assembly at the US Social Forum this June in Detroit (info at: Here’s the description:

The U.S. is a prison empire: racist mass incarceration, political repression, torture and widespread criminalization. The organizations struggling against this state violence have been limited by geographic isolation, generational gaps and the sheer amount of work to be done. Although we face particular challenges by region or circumstance, we share a vision of justice and solidarity against confinement and control. This Assembly would be a vital step in making our work more national in scope and more coordinated in action. Organizations involved in anti-prison and prisoner support work will identify points of unity and plan shared actions. These include greater coordination in regional campaigns around shared issues and a national strategy of action for prison justice groups that unites our diverse campaigns. Largely through small group discussions, this Assembly will serve as the culmination for a number of proposed workshops that address imprisonment and repression. The Assembly will emphasize strategic areas of collaboration and resistance to racist and political repression. It is organized by a network of groups organizing against prisons and the drug war, in support of political prisoners and formerly incarcerated people.

4. 07/23: Day of Solidarity w/ Scott DeMuth
…start planning now!
* When: Friday, July 23rd
* Where: Your town
We’re putting out a call for events around the nation to show solidarity with Scott as he prepares for trial in September. Host a fundraiser…a concert, a house party, a movie screening, a brunch, a play. Do something creative…street theater, a puppet show, an art auction. Stage a rally. Convene a panel of speakers. Whatever you want.

Anything you can do to raise awareness of Scott’s case and to help us raise money for his legal defense will be amazing and ever so greatly appreciated. Email us at scottandcarrie [at] riseup [dot] net to let us know what you have planned!

5. 07/25-08/25: Midwest Conspiracy Tour!

SCSC is excited to be teaming up with the RNC 8 Defense Committee, supporters of Hugh and Tiga and friends to bring The Conspiracy to your town! Featuring presentations about all three of these cases and upcoming trials, as well as information about AETA, grand juries, dealing with state repression, legal trainings, and more, this will be a roadshow to remember even before you read about it in your FBI file.

The tour will be running from July 25th to August 25th, and will be going around the country. Tentative dates and locations are here:
*Winona July 25
*Madison J26
*Milwaukee J27
*Chicago J28
*Cleveland J29
*Pittsburgh July 30 + 31
*Buffalo August 1
*Philly A3
*DC A4
*Carrboro A5 + 6
*Asheville A7
*Lexington A8
*Bloomington A9
*St Louis A10
*Omaha A11
*Denver A12
*Salt Lake City A13
*Bay Area A14 +15
*Santa Cruz A16
*Arcata A17 [we need contacts here–do you know any?]
*Portland A18
*Tacoma A19
*Seattle A20
*Rock Island A23
*Iowa City A24
*Minneapolis A25

Flyers, a website and a more detailed announcement will be coming out soon. For more information, questions, or whatever singularities, email

For more about the RNC 8, visit
For more about Hugh and Tiga, visit
We’re looking forward to seeing you!



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