Posted by: supportcarrie | January 20, 2010

Transparency in Fundraising & Spending

We’ve gotten numerous inquiries as to how the funds we raise are being split between Carrie and Scott, and where it’s all going. Though we won’t be making bookkeeping and exact expenditures public, we value transparency and feel an obligation to share our strategy with the movement and all of Scott and Carrie’s supporters.

For starters, we consider support work for Scott and Carrie to be both an act of friendship and one of political principle. It is incredibly important to us that fundraising not become a popularity contest, or any sort of competition. We have limited energies and though Scott and Carrie’s needs are different (e.g., Carrie needs commissary but Scott will have considerably higher legal costs), we are committed to doing as much as we can for the both of them, which means not squandering anything on needless divisions.

Carrie and Scott are two committed anarchists who value supporting each other and all targets of state repression as much as getting support for themselves. To that end and in the interest of maximizing output from communities that are already strapped for cash, we have decided to pool resources and allocate them equitably. That means that everything we raise goes into one account. Once it’s there, we decide where it goes based on an honest assessment of the needs they each have. This assessment evolves with their situations, and we have made and will continue to make every attempt to disburse funds accordingly.

So far, the majority of funds raised have gone to pay attorney’s fees and legal costs. We expect this will continue to be the case. We have also spent a considerable amount on commissary- initially for both of them and now, just for Carrie. Commissary funds pay for mailing supplies and other needed items in jail but, mostly, for phone calls, which are exorbitantly
priced. Some funds have also gone to pay travel costs (gas) for supporters to visit Carrie- this is a 12-hour round trip drive for most of us- and to be a physical presence of support in courtroom proceedings for both of them. These last few things are essential to Scott and Carrie feeling the support of their communities, and to Carrie in particular, as she remains isolated from us hundreds of miles away.

In solidarity,
the Scott and Carrie Support Committee (SCSC)



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