Posted by: supportcarrie | November 30, 2009

Scott’s out! One down, one to go!

1. Scott is out!

2. Update on Carrie


1. Scott’s been released!

We have great news! Just a little while ago, District Court Judge John Jarvey affirmed the release order for Scott DeMuth that was issued last week, clearly telling Federal Prosecutor Cliff Cronk that his attempts to incarcerate Scott for his political beliefs didn’t pass muster in court. Even better than the legal victory is Scott being returned to us! As we write this announcement, his Federal public defender is getting him out of the Muscatine County jail and taking him to Davenport for processing prior to his release. In accordance with the release order issued by US Magistrate Judge Thomas Shields last week, Scott is being released on conditions including wearing a GPS monitoring device at all times and being on home detention except for attending classes at the University of Minnesota and other activities that are approved by the United States Probation Office. Although any control by the state is reprehensible and unacceptable, we are glad that we’ll have him back at home again by late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for more information about how you can continue to support Scott! Although he’s being released, his legal struggle is far from over. Some ways to support him include hosting a fundraiser for his legal defense expenses, spreading the word about the importance of resisting grand juries, and asking everyone you know to donate online at or by sending a check or money order made out to Coldsnap Legal Collective with the subject line “EWOK!” to P.O. Box 50514, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

2. Update on Carrie

As you know, Carrie Feldman is still being held on civil contempt and needs our support and solidarity. Many of you called US Attorney General Nicholas Klinefeldt today to remind him that her incarceration is punitive and to demand that she be released immediately. Thank you! In addition to the call-in day, lawyers filed a motion for her release. A hearing for the motion has been set for December 8 at 11am in Davenport, so keep any eye out for more information about that as we get it.

Carrie says thanks to everyone for the support and mail she’s received so far! She wants to remind everyone sending e-letters ( – send them to us, we’ll send them to her!) to put their return addresses in the body of the email so she can write letters back. She would also like more books, so keep them coming! Thanks again!

Keep checking back at for updates and info.


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