Posted by: supportcarrie | November 27, 2009

11/30: Call-in for Carrie!

Carrie Feldman is still being held on civil contempt and needs our support and solidarity. She’ll remain in custody over the long weekend as state officials enjoy time with their families. We can’t let them go back to an easy work day come Monday while they continue to hold our friend in civil contempt for taking a principled stand against state repression!

THIS MONDAY, November 30, CALL IN to Cronk’s boss, US Attorney Nicholas Klinefeldt, from 9am to 4pm to demand that they dismiss Carrie’s subpoena and release her immediately.

Monday November 30, 9am-4pm CST, (515) 473-9300

In the hearings so far, Cronk has attempted to use our statements of support against Carrie and Scott by twisting our words and arguing that using our right to free speech and to petition the government for a redress of grievances is a reflection of their bad moral character. Ridiculous, we know. While his arguments haven’t met with much success yet, we don’t need to give him anything with which to hurt our friends.

When you call in to demand Carrie’s release, please follow the sample script below and don’t allow them to trick you into saying something that they can twist around to hurt her:

*sample script*
Mr. Klinefeldt, I am calling to express my concern about the continued detention of Carrie Feldman for her refusal to testify to a grand jury in Davenport initiated by your Assistant US Attorney, Cliff Cronk. This grand jury is being used to investigate political activity, and by extension her refusal to cooperate makes her a political prisoner. She will continue to refuse to answer questions regardless of her detention, so her incarceration for civil contempt becomes a punitive action. I urge you to release Carrie Feldman from jail immediately.

Don’t forget to call Klinefeldt between 9am and 4pm on Monday! And get your friends to call too!



  1. totally low-key, but if you don’t ask at first, they’ll just transfer you to cronk’s voicemail. if you ask, they’ll put you through to klinefelt’s assistant, and you can leave a message with her.

    my 15-year-old sister did the latter. texas <3s carrie!!!!

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