Posted by: supportcarrie | November 11, 2009

Grand Jury Sendoff Potluck and Hip-hop Show!

Potluck and Discussion about Grand Jury Resistance
November 12, 6:00 P.M. at the Seward Cafe in Minneapolis

Come support Carrie and Scott and show that our community will stand together to fight state repression!

At 8:00 there will be a hip-hop show with Testament and Guante.

Some info about Testament:

Testament is an Anarchist hip-hop artist based in ‘Kanada’, and has become well-known in radical communities for spitting revolutionary rhymes at major demonstrations, festivals, anarchist bookfairs, conferences, radical convergences, as well as in the underground hip-hop scene.  Here to change hip-hop and steal its soul back from the glorified violence, materialism, sexism, and racism that the music industry creates promotes and markets for their own capitalist purposes, Testament never pulls punches or shies away from spreading confrontational dissent through powerful, thought-provoking rhymes.

Get the flier here:


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